You are currently viewing Mindwave patient engagement portal “Maia”, set to grow thanks to “MaiFellow” expert advisors

Mindwave patient engagement portal “Maia”, set to grow thanks to “MaiFellow” expert advisors

Become a MaiFellow advisor today and join us at our next event

During a delightful breakfast service with panoramic views of Tower Bridge, yesterday morning, we hosted our first “MaiFellow” meeting with a group of the UK’s most passionate digital health professionals.

MaiFellow is a newly formed group of friendly and passionate expert digital and health specialists, who come together to advise, discuss and ultimately plan exciting new opportunities to maximise the potential of digital health, empowering patients and their families.

With bellies full of the finest eggs Benedict we have ever tasted, we introduced our overarching patient engagement portal “Maia”, and explained how it has been built from the stories and experiences of real patients, carers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals, involved with the NHS healthcare system in a number of specialist services.

We outlined our unique approach to forming an open source modular patient portal with real human value through agile based, user centred design. We explained how our discovery work done to date means that we can produce a “bespoke” solution for health service provision from our modular feature blocks, with a fast turnaround and customised branding. Thanks to MaiFellow and in house user testers, we can ensure that existing solutions are advised, tested and informed. 

Where new services require feature upgrades or new feature scoping, we explained how we align with Government Digital Service (GDS) principles, undertaking a discovery phase to empathise with end users and minimise risk through validation of our riskiest assumptions in alpha, before anything is coded and built. New featured are shared through our networks and the process can be repeated as new service needs arise.

This process ensures that Maia is futureproofed, both from an budget and from a human value perspective. Our colleagues seemed truly inspired by our use case focus and commented on its rarity within digital healthcare, and several interesting topics came out of the discussion including:

  • NHS app and NHS login integration
  • Wayfinder project
  • FHIR aggregator
  • Patient reminders – Nudges, notifications and associated recommended resources for various areas of focus
  • Chatbot application
  • Social prescribing

We had experts in attendance from digital experts and health charities such as; Xyla Digital Health, Modality (video conferencing managed services) and Brook (sexual health charity), alongside NHS delegates from NHS England, Alder Hey, Solent, Oxleas, Salford, Northern Care Alliance and South London and Maudsley NHS trusts. 

Mindwave were blown away by the support and encouragement from each attendee and are now looking to expand this network to reach more health services for our next event where we will demonstrate our pre researched use cases and journeys to goal. If you work in a strategic healthcare role and can spare a few hours each month to help shape the future of our patient engagement portal, we need you to join us as a Maifellow advisor. Our next event will be held on 17th January 2023.

(Staff matching the furniture and the extravagant toilet decor were both added comedy bonuses!)