Mindwave designs digital health services for real people.

Mindwave is one of the leading, NHS approved, Personal Health Record/Patient Portal developers in the UK, currently working with 8+ Trusts and 2 ICS regions.

Designed with and for patients, carers & clinicians, Mindwave's PHR, "Maia" brings a person's health information into one easy to manage, easy to access place.


Mindwave is guided by the principles set out in the Government Digital Service manual.​


Understanding context - the users, the landscape, and the problem that is being solved. Mindwave Discovery phases often end in a Discovery report.


Testing options by prototyping to ensure the best decisions are made upfront. This stage is also really helpful to start visualising the product, to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Building and refining options. Design and development sprint cycles overlap to ensure that there is
opportunity to pivot and adjust priorities as needed.


Continuously testing, analysing and improving. Data gathering and user testing on the live product helps to inform further iterations, and any amends that might be required.

Mindwave offers flexible delivery packages to cater to different requirements and budgets – ensuring that GDS principles can be adhered to at any cost.

Find out which package is right for your project – choose from light, standard or premium.

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Aishwaryaa Ravi

Completing her MBA in 2013 with specialisms in HR and Marketing, Aishwaryaa has 5+ years of experience in management across various sectors.

Chelsea Almond

After graduating from University, Chelsea lived and worked in Australia for 3 years. Since returning to the UK she has worked in a variety of industries including martial arts, recruitment, and healthcare.

Priyanka Parthiban

Priyanka is a full-stack developer with experience building systems architecture, databases, creating APIs, and front-end development.

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