Research & reports

Mindwave prides itself on thorough, user friendly research. Discovery and Alpha reports that are produced for Premium project deliveries are robust, digestible – and easy on the eye.

Mindwave undertook an extensive discovery phase with Worcestershire Health and Care trust. Looking at the potential for a digital “personal health record” for patients and carers in the Older Adult Mental Health Service (OAMHS). This report takes a deep dive into the healthcare landscape of some of the most digitally excluded user groups.

Mindwave was commissioned by Cheshire and Merseyside ICS to carry out a discovery phase with users throughout the region, in order to understand the potential for a digital “personal health record”. This report outlines the findings.

Mindwave was responsible for the Discovery, Alpha and Beta phases of this project – eventually to become “Good Thinking”. This PDF outlines initial research and findings.

This PDF supplements the Discovery report and contains high level personas and a service blueprint amongst others. 

The Alpha report outlines sprint requirements and outcomes, as well as priorities and recommendations to move the project forward.

This report outlines all of the user research conducted throughout the Alpha and Beta phases of the project.

This was the final report for the LDMW programme of work before Mindwave handed the project back to Healthy London Partnership for the live running of the service.

Following on from the OAMHS discovery report, Mindwave generated alpha user flows and wireframe solutions through co-design with user groups. This resulted in screen iterations which were translated to high res solutions and deployed to beta phase for further user testing. This report captures the insights derived from both testing phases.

Mindwave was commissioned by Cheshire and Merseyside ICS to investigate its staff wellbeing needs, and the scope for a digital solution to support. This report outlines the alpha solutions generated from the discovery phase.

Mindwave carried out an internal research study with staff to explore the impact of a proposed 9 day fortnight working pattern. This report outlines the findings and the recommendations.