Digital solutions for charities and private organisations

  • The ‘Digital Front Door’ provides holistic, comprehensive and easy access to various aspects of care, empowering service users to manage their health journey efficiently.
  • With user-friendly tools and resources, service users can actively self-manage various aspects of their health, fostering a sense of empowerment and control over their wellbeing.

Features and benefits

Co-designed with patients, carers and healthcare professionals from over 20 NHS trusts, ICCs, charities and private organisations across the UK.

Digital Front Door

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Digital Front Door

Staff Hub & Patient Portal

A nationwide digital service supporting young people with their sexual health and wellbeing. It includes online test kit ordering and viewing results, as well as triaging and appointments.

“We are all extremely grateful to you for everything that you have put into DFD, both individually, and as a whole organisation!”

A solution to benefit 40,000+ young people by 2025

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