We’ve had the privilege of working with diverse clients and have been receiving positive feedback since 2014. We always strive to make a meaningful impact with our approach and solutions.

I want to emphasise how integral Mindwave have been to achieving this. Throughout the last five months you have been a core part of our team at Brook and we are all extremely grateful to you for everything that you have put into DFD, both individually, and as a whole organisation!


Head of Digital, Brook
Project: Digital Front Door: Staff Hub & Patient Portal

Thank you to you all, your hard work and being responsive to our needs and working so hard to find solutions to problems. They will make such a difference to children and families' access to health digitally, whilst improving the workloads of clinical staff.


Project Manager, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
Project: Parent Information Portal

Thank you so much – today’s session was excellent and achieved exactly what I had hoped for. The general level of engagement was really high and it was clear the students were getting a lot out of it. The exercise was also extremely professionally handled and highly generative giving the students a real sense of developer tools and techniques.

It has been a great pleasure working with you on this and I certainly hope it’s not the last time that happens.


Programme Lead MSc Digital Health Interventions, University Of Glasgow
Project: Design Workshops

Working with Mindwave has allowed us to realise our ambitions and create the first digital front door to Brook’s clinical services. From the outset, Mindwave helped enormously in identifying a broad spectrum of user needs, challenges and opportunities, which helped build a compelling case for funders and set us on a track to be entirely user led in our approach.

The result has been the transformation of our clinical delivery, with front line colleagues who are not only engaged but passionate advocates for our new approaches. Crucially, our work together has led to us providing a better service for our users and securing new contracts as a result.


Director of Digital & Communications, Brook
Project: Digital Front Door, Staff Hub & Patient Portal