With our recent transition to a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, Mindwave is poised to tranform patient engagement. Our commitment to understanding people and delivering exceptional design remains unwavering. 

Incorporating Agile principles, we have fine-tuned our methodology, placing the user squarely at the centre of our design philosophy. Drawing from our extensive experience engaging over 1000 participants in user research, our user-led design approach has been further honed. A standout example is our work on MAIA, where we collaborated closely with patients, carers, clinicians, and academics through workshops, one-to-one sessions, and online interactions.

Our dedication to collaborative conversation extends to our choice of tools. Whether it’s Dropbox, GDrive, Miro, Teams, Google Meet, Slack, or Trello, we seamlessly adapt to your preferred workflow. In our projects, the line between client and supplier is blurred as we merge into one cohesive team, working harmoniously towards a shared objective.

Looking ahead, we prioritise future-proof delivery. Our systems are meticulously designed to be effortlessly managed by you, providing smooth content management and administration capabilities. You’ll have the flexibility and configuration options necessary to keep your services current and pertinent.

With Mindwave’s SaaS approach, designing your patient engagement portal, MAIA, transcends aesthetics. It’s about understanding your audience, collaborating closely, and delivering a solution that not only engages but ensures sustained success. Your patients, caregivers, and clinicians will not only engage but thrive in a healthcare experience tailored to their needs.