Eligibility and participation

What is MaiFellow?

MaiFellow comes from two important elements of Mindwave: the product (Maia) and providers of the product to the end users (NHS and other health providers). 

The product –  Mindwave PHR/PEP product is called Maia. Maia is a flexible and adaptable patient portal, configurable by both the provider (NHS) and end user (patient, clinician, carer), creating a fully personalised experience, catering to individual needs. 

Fellowship – “MaiFellow is the collective name for a group of like minded professionals with experience of digital healthcare who meet regularly to consider how to align and future proof our patient engagement portal MAIA with future digital health priorities.” This includes existing clients, existing healthcare workers, trust administration staff, and trust project teams. Third party suppliers for features within the Maia product such as EPR provides, service application provides and potential clients. The aim is to bring together a group of Mindwave clients in partnership with suppliers to contribute to the Maia roadmap and focusing on the 3 main areas Digitise, Connect and Transform as part of the Health Secretary A plan for digital health and social care 2022.

We will be focusing on 3 main aspects with the PHR/PEP context and how we can add to the existing portals and the new roadmap of Maia. 

  • Digitise – People at the heart of care 
    • Develop features which are user centric in design to enable people have choice, control and support to live independent lives.
    • Enable people to access outstanding quality and tailored care and support via the Maia product. 
    • Making maia portals accessible to ensure inclusivity and adaptation. 
  • Connect – Health and social care integration 
    • Keeping data connectivity at the centre along with user centred design will enable more integrated care delivery.
  • Transform – Enabling the workforce for elective recovery 
    • Look into how Maia can enable the trust to increase health service capacity,prioritise diagnosis and treatment, transform the way we provide elective care such as remote consultation and provide better information and support to patients. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Can get involved by meeting with us regularly to discuss ideas for Maia as a MaiFellow board advisor.

What will I be doing?

You’ll join regular group calls or in person meetings to plan our roadmap for Maia, review and assess our platforms. This is usually an informal, online discussion on product strategies, NHS Trust, ICSs needs and funding opportunities. We’ll send an agenda out before the call and you are under no obligation to commit regularly.

Conversations may be in a group or on a one-to-one basis. We may ask for your advice about clinical process and how our digital services can address these challenges, working together for a long term strategic transformation for user-centred digital health.

Generally, we discuss feature ideas for our roadmap Maia, highlighting potential opportunities and challenges within various healthcare settings, mapping out possible digital solutions to the real problems users may face.

Privacy and control

What do you do with my contributions?

We use your clinical and experiential advice to plan out feature enhancements for our Maia roadmap strategically. We may also use it anonymously for product promotion. No identifying information is in materials presented to anyone outside of the product team without your express prior permission.

From time to time, we may ask permission to record your input on audio or video. This allows our product team to have information to work from when implementing new Maia features. Recordings won’t be shared outside of the product team.

How do you handle my personal data?

We store all personal data securely. Access is restricted and password protected. Your data will only be used to inform Maia products’ roadmap.

How often will you contact me? And how?

We’ll send you an email invite once a month to join our regular MaiFellow board advisory meetings. If you miss a number of sessions, we’ll contact you to check you’d still like to be a part of our MaiFellow board. We will not contact you for any other purpose than for strategic Maia product roadmap input.

For more information on how to exercise your rights under GDPR, please read our privacy policy.

If you have any further questions, please contact our data protection lead, Katy Edwards at dataprotection@mindwaveventures.com

Reward and expectation

How often does the MaiFellow advisory board meet?

The MaiFellow board advisors generally meet once a month at an agreed time, to evaluate the Maia roadmap. As a group, MaiFellow advisors will share their expertise, discuss “hot topics” in various healthcare settings and consider the potential impact to the Maia roadmap from a clinical and strategic perspective.

What’s in it for me?

Becoming a MaiFellow board advisor for Mindwave carries some status in the digital healthcare community. It provides you with the opportunity to share your experience, contribute to the digital healthcare revolution, and network nationally with like-minded colleagues from other regions and services. The sessions will provide a range of topics and opportunities for you to improve your existing portal PEP and contribute to the larger roadmap of the Maia product.

You can state your involvement in the future of digital healthcare for the NHS and other clients. You’ll also be able to influence areas you’re passionate about. 

Sometimes, we may invite you to join us at industry events as a community co-designer, celebrating the brilliant ideas you were a part of.

What’s expected of me?

We ask that you attend meeting regularly, participating fully, with as much enthusiasm as you can, bringing ideas and expert knowledge of your specific healthcare setting to the table for discussion.

You can stop being involved at any time with giving notice . You can also opt out of any audio/video recordings.