Proudly working in partnership with:

Mindwave’s collaboration with Access Group significantly enhances accessibility for healthcare professionals, fostering a seamless exchange of information. This strategic synergy facilitates interoperability between our patient engagement portal, MAIA, and the Rio EPR system. This collaboration empowers healthcare providers to seamlessly access and integrate relevant patient data, resulting in more informed decision-making and ultimately improved patient outcomes.

Mindwave’s steadfast commitment to interoperability ensures that MAIA becomes an integral component of the broader healthcare ecosystem, contributing significantly to the advancement of patient-centered care. As one of the preferred patient portal providers for Access, Mindwave stands as a trusted partner, delivering cutting-edge solutions for enhanced patient engagement.

This strategic alliance reflects our dedication to providing Access users with a seamless and integrated patient portal experience. Together, with Access, our goal is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery, allowing both patients and healthcare professionals to access and manage health information effortlessly through MAIA.

Mindwave’s collaboration with Microsoft epitomises a robust partnership in the domain of patient portals, harnessing the advanced capabilities of Microsoft’s technology to elevate healthcare solutions. This alliance seeks to infuse innovation and efficiency into patient engagement by seamlessly integrating MAIA with Microsoft’s state-of-the-art technologies.

Through this united effort, Mindwave and Microsoft aspire to craft a smooth and secure platform that empowers patients, healthcare providers, and organisations alike. The partnership underscores a shared dedication to advancing healthcare technology and enhancing patient experiences by combining Mindwave’s proficiency in patient engagement with Microsoft’s technological expertise. Together, they redefine the landscape of patient portals, offering solutions that are sophisticated, user-friendly, and impactful within the dynamic healthcare ecosystem.

Mindwave worked in partnership with Alder Hey Innovation and Microsoft to co-create AlderHey@nywhere, a hybrid healthcare platform that will create a way of delivering healthcare for children and young people that is far more tailored to the individual, giving them better life chances.

The three partners bought together experts to form a truly integrated agile design, development and deployment team who would share, challenge and support each other. The result is a visually appealing and simple to use user interface and user experience, backed up with complex data flows and AI to connect systems for a seamless functional experience.