That was awesome! So well facilitated and it seemed to elicit some great insights. I got the feeling all the participants were really relaxed and happy to share. I loved how warm and friendly and approachable you set it up to be – thank you so much.

Director Of Digital & Communications, Brook

I want to thank each of you not only for the professionalism and attention you have once again demonstrated but also for what I perhaps would politely call forbearance. It is a privilege to work alongside such a talented group of people.

If the site helps even one person through this time then you can be content that you have made an important contribution at a time when it is most needed

Thanks again.

Cheshire & Merseyside Partnership Programme Director

Thank you so much – today’s session was excellent and achieved exactly what I had hoped for. The general level of engagement was really high and it was clear the students were getting a lot out of it. The exercise was also extremely professionally handled and highly generative giving the students a real sense of developer tools and techniques.

It has been a great pleasure working with you on this and I certainly hope it’s not the last time that happens.

Programme Lead MSc Digital Health Interventions, University of Glasgow