Mirantha Jayathilaka

Researcher Scientist - Machine Learning


At Mindwave I explore avenues where AI and machine learning can be applicable in the context of digital healthcare applications and specifically PHRs. I start my workflow by researching areas of improvement that can be facilitated by AI  and then carry on to building functionalities from design to production with the talented team at Mindwave.   

I love solving problems while continuously learning at Mindwave – technology is evolving very fast and I really enjoy learning new things everyday. I love sharing my knowledge with everyone in the team and building cutting edge solutions.


“Every moment is a gift”

My past roles have been all focused on technology research from robotics to machine learning. With all my previous work I have gained more experience on the subtleties of effectively applying technology to solve real world problems.  

Currently, I am also a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Manchester, where my research mainly focuses on overcoming the limitations of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques used for understanding visual information. 

In my spare time I enjoy writing songs and playing my guitar.