Maia - Patient Engagement Portal

Maia is a flexible and adaptable patient engagement portal, configurable by both the provider (NHS) and end user (patient, clinician, carer), creating a fully personalised experience, catering to individual needs and customised to the specific clinical priorities of each service within any healthcare provider.

Maia is developed and co-designed with users to provide citizens with choice, control and support to live independent lives. This enables people to access outstanding tailored care and support via the Maia portal. 

MAIA portals are accessible and inclusive. 

MAIA portals

Maia is built as a modular, patient-facing portal delivering four key areas of healthcare management including; “Health records” (access to health records, plans and history), “Circle of support” (ability to grant data access and proxy permissions to clinicians and carers), “Health tracking” (health monitoring tools) and “Tailored resources” (a range of tools to assist self management).,

These form the foundation for each additional implementation of Maia, configured for the needs and requirements of providers and end users within various commissioning settings such as NHS Trusts and ICS regions.

Portals are developed in a way where modules are made freely available for modification and redistribution to other Maia portal partners; an open source approach of development.

Maia supports the idea that customer only pay for a platform or features to be developed once. After that, products and features can be quickly adapted to suit each customer’s requirements. . In addition, new features and functionalities can be commissioned by clients. Our team can work with you to build additional custom features and functionality to suit your specific needs.

NHS login is available and is strongly encouraged to be used as a primary method of access, although alternative sign up/login is provided.

Active Directory (Microsoft) and Single Sign On login are both available for NHS staff. It adds security and reduces the burden on staff to create yet another login.

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Key features and functionalities:

Health Records

  • Connects to clinical record systems such as Rio and EPJS for appointment management, viewing clinical correspondence (letters) and viewing patient demographics.
  • Contains information about diagnoses, medications, allergies, blood type
  • PRSB compliant “About me”
  • Appointment management system
  • View clinical correspondence, eg letters
  • Data collection forms sent by NHS, eg pre-operative assessments forms, health assessments (eg GAD), PROMs, PREMs, HNA etc

Circle Of Support

  • Connect with friends, family & carers including proxy access and best interest decision making. 
  • Instantly grant/remove read or edit access to entire portal or on a feature by feature basis
  • Connect with clinicians where available
  • Send messages with attachments including links, images and videos

Tailored Resources

  • The resource Hub is fully customisable by trust or service
  • Autofiltered by relevant health conditions, user type and attached services (user configurable). 
  • Integrations:
    • -ORCHA for clinically approved apps
    • -Recap for digital prescribing
    • -NHS health widgets (eg Health A-Z) 
  • Events calendar with geolocation capabilities 
  • Peer tips, stories and patient leaflets

Health Tracking

  • Integratable with third parties such as LincUs maternity tracker, wearable devices e.g Fitbit.
  • Multiple trackers such as goals, sleep, mood, pain, alcohol, smoking, exercise/activity, anxiety, fluid intake, temperature, blood pressure, waist circumference, weight; with customisable dashboard 
  • Input qualitative data via comments, diary function and coping strategies. 
  • Tracker reporting to compare trackers to spot trends over time

Maia is a progressive web app. Built mobile first and fully responsive, Maia is accessible from any browser and any device.

A phone screen showing the Maia PHR health trackers

Examples of Maia in practice


Mindwave’s first regional PHR platform – for Cheshire & Merseyside partnership – with multiple integrations, creating the start of a market eco-system.
Case study

HeadScape Focus