Oxcare: Patient engagement made personal

Mindwave’s PHR/PEP solution empowers patients and service users and promotes better outcomes and efficiency.


Mindwave successfully delivered a trust wide Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) ‘Oxcare’ for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. The solution empowers patients by providing access to their health records (via EPR integration with RiO), care plans, and digitised clinical letters. It allows them to manage appointments, track progress, and receive personalised educational resources based on their healthcare diagnosis and preferences.

Additionally, the platform enables data sharing and communication with the care team through a messaging system. Oxleas’ goals for the project were to empower service users, improve patient outcomes, reduce clinical workload, and achieve long-term financial savings.


The second year saw a 141% increase with 1,348 active users


The project was developed collaboratively with stakeholders, ensuring both Oxleas’ requirements and the stakeholders’ needs were met. We delivered the project in phases which were broken down into sprints. Progress was tracked through regular highlight reports and weekly meetings between Mindwave and Oxleas’ project team, establishing effective communication and collaboration.

Oxleas set realistic expectations and targets, tracking progress in user count, questionnaires, and paperless sustainability. In the first year, the platform enrolled 560 active users, surpassing the target of 500. The second year saw a 141% increase with 1,348 active users, narrowly missing the target of 1,400. Digitising letters and eliminating postal services led to financial savings, and Oxleas’ estimates saving £2,000 by the end of 2023, as more patients enroll.


Benefits include time savings for clinicians and admins through the messaging system, increased parent/carer satisfaction, and improved communication, particularly in the ADHD team. Parents can conveniently message their child’s care team in the evening, receiving responses the next morning via email notifications. Overall, the PHR/PEP has proven to be a successful and valuable solution for Oxleas, with positive impacts on patient care, financial efficiency, and service user engagement.

Danielle, service use at Oxleas says:

"I've been using the Oxcare app since the development stages. I mainly use the Tracker option, I can keep a record of my pain, sleep and other problems I have. I look back and see if I can do anything differently. It helps when I go for appointments, Before I used the app I would forget to update the Healthcare professionals and using the app it saves me taking notes with me as I can update on the go. There is an option to add key contacts, it helps the Healthcare professionals to have up to date info about my care. I can set Goals, the Tools are good as there is info on MIND in Bexley and the Crisis cafe if I need it. There are workout videos for different conditions which have come in handy when I have had a flare up of my pain conditions"