How to build a successful mobile application for health research

How to build a successful mobile application for health research

We know that working with a tech company can be daunting for health researchers; from working out your requirements through to budgeting for a project – there are many things to consider.

With health researchers as an important client group for Mindwave, we are keen to help you understand how to scope in technology when planning a research bid or project. That’s why we offer a one hour mini-workshop to help you clarify your requirements and find out more about the digital design and development process. We can run the workshop via video and we do not charge for our time.

We have recently produced a brochure to give you more information about what we do to support health researchers. You can find it here.

You can also view a webinar we did on the topic here.

“The webinar was great! It brought the whole process to life. It was really useful to have the worked example and I thought it was refreshing to hear the reflections about how the partners had navigated some of the challenges that the project threw up and encouraging to learn about how you had put solutions in place. There was also lots of practical information around how many users you need to build a user profile which is helpful for costing and the info on data protection is also really helpful for developing applications. Definitely a must see for people like me who are thinking about doing something like this for the first time!”  Christine, health researcher at the University of Cambridge

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or book your free session.