We are collaborative. Flexible. Inclusive. Purposeful. Our work is person centred, design led, research driven.

We’re a pretty decent bunch, and above all else, we love solving problems. Whether that’s for our clients, or the people they are serving - and we are known for going above and beyond to get it right.

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700+ user research participants

All of Mindwave’s projects, are based on extensive and in-depth user research. 

The Personal Health Record is a prime example of this with well over 700 patients, carers and clinicians consulted via workshops, one to one sessions and online engagement. 

Over 18k visits per month

The Good Thinking wellbeing service, until recently run by Mindwave, attracted an average of 18,625k visitors per month in the last year. 

40k+ research participants

Mindwave’s Research Resource platform will allow clinical researchers to recruit participants with a goal of 40k participants over the next few years.

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