Sarah Welton

Creative Director


I work with clients to realise their vision in a practical sense, helping them to articulate the problems they are trying to solve, and create practical and user friendly solutions. I advise and consult on the health tech industry to ensure the strategy we create together is deliverable and sustainable. I am also lucky enough to lead the super talented Mindwave design team which is an absolute dream.

I love solving problems creatively at Mindwave – in particular helping both clients and the Mindwave team come to a shared vision that they can feel passionate about – [because] I am a very enthusiastic person when it comes to digital health and I find it really rewarding when I am able to motivate others to share my enthusiasm.


“There is always a better way to rearrange your furniture”

My past roles have almost all been focused on the third and public sectors – I have worked predominantly with health focused charities – particularly those addressing cancer, as well as Shelter, Stroke Association, Deaf Children’s Society, RNIB – and other wonderful organisations such as the RSPB.

I actually studied towards a law degree at Southampton Solent, completing my HND before leaving to follow my dreams of working as a designer.

In my spare time I enjoy painting (I recently painted a huge mural in a bedroom for my soon-to-be-born niece, of which I am very proud); illustration – particularly animals; music, music, music; lounging in the sun with my cat and a cold beer, and; a good ol’ who dunnit on Netflix.