Roselin Leema

Senior QA Tester Thalamos

Roselin Leema is a proactive and sanguine person who always possesses optimistic thoughts on day-to-day life. Upon completing her MCA from Anna University in 2014,  She kick-started to obtain extensive experience in software testing. Prior to joining Mindwave, she worked across various projects in several domains, including banking, healthcare, and finance, for many clients across the UAE and India. Through her instrumental and phenomenal contributions, she had been an agent of change for many projects in the previous companies.

After associating with Mindwave, she is looking after manual and automation testing as a Senior QA Engineer. Besides, she holds responsibilities to deal with client queries and identify and resolve the gaps and bugs.

Aside from work, she is an excellent dancer and a charming mother. During leisure, she likes to roam around with family and friends. Personally, she has a penchant for learning new things. Besides, she holds a distinct interest in visiting upmarket shops and shopping malls during weekends. Last but not least, she rejoices in aiding orphans and passionate about extending her hands to retirement homes.