Natalie Rooke

Senior Designer


I am responsible for whatever design task comes my way! But usually it’s working out how the Alpha phase of a project is going to work and what should be created for a product or service based on research from the Discovery phase, talking to users, and improving existing experiences. 

I love finding more efficient ways of doing things at Mindwave because I like to get to the solution as effortlessly as possible – something that I hope to translate through to the end user too, in creating efficient products. My favourite thing is figuring out how something is going to work, whether that’s a product or service, or a process, it doesn’t matter – I like to gather all the needs and problems of whoever the user is and work out the best way for their lives to be made simpler and less stressful. 

Previous work experience/past roles include two years as a digital designer in an advertising agency, followed by nine years of working as an interaction designer – two of which were spent in the healthcare sector, and the rest designing data analytics platforms for social and retail. I also co-own a brand and videography agency, founded four years ago, working with a variety of clients and needs.

I studied at Ravensbourne University and have an Art Foundation diploma and a degree in graphic design.

In my spare time I enjoy writing scripts and stories, sci-fi, acting, archery, cycling, and playing piano, synth and bass guitar.