Leah Harvie


4I am responsible for assisting the team with finance paperwork and administration making sure things get done in the background. I make sure that the team is well informed with reports to give them the tools to give our customers the best service. I also deal with our suppliers and make sure we forge good relationships and pay them on time.

I love working with everyone at Mindwave – in particular I enjoy how creative and modern we are, with a formal structure. The team is the most informal, formal company I have ever worked for and our management team is exceptional. I enjoy hearing from our clients when they give positive feedback, and I also love seeing when our numbers correlate and are presented in a useful manner so people can really understand how things are working to enable them to exceed expectations.

My past roles have all been focused in finance for over ten years, I’m a jack of all trades in our sector. I have mostly worked with technology and building companies making sure people are paid on time and being the person that’s here to help everyone.

I studied towards an accounting, finance and economics degree at the University of Northampton, completing my degree and starting work in some very prestigious large companies. I also have a number of smaller qualifications in relevant software, mentoring, and finance. I am currently studying towards AAT and ACCA and look forward to having a piece of paperwork that confirms I’m qualified in the field I have worked in for so long.

In my spare time I enjoy looking at conspiracy theories and guiltily watching anime as well as playing video games. I spend most of my mornings arguing with our cat over food

My words of wisdom – and a mantra that I have taken from life experience is “you don’t have to make yourself miserable” – if you don’t like something, change it and be happy moving forwards.