Mindwave have been developing PHRs with 5 NHS Trusts. PHRs allow users to access their health data, and manage their own health and wellbeing via an app.


My PHR is a second generation “personal health record” (PHR) that provides users with access to medical records, supported self-management tools, and connection and data sharing with their care teams. 

Additional discovery work in the region allowed further development and re-prioritisation of existing modules and defined new features such as the “circle of support”, where users can consent for others to view part or all of their personal health record data. 

A new interface was designed, based on the Healthlocker branding. User testing and iteration is continuing with a formal pilot planned for the coming months. 


  • Responsive, flexible web application based on Healthlocker
  • Easy to scale technology stack
  • High level of data security
  • Integration with ePJS and RiO (the Trust’s physical and mental health record systems)
  • Circle of support feature