Mindwave have been developing PHRs with 5 NHS Trusts. PHRs allow users to access their health data, and manage their own health and wellbeing via an app.


Healthlocker is a “personal health record” (PHR) that provides users with access to medical records, supported self-management tools, and connection with their care teams. 

The platform has been developed in an open-source and modular way to allow for future iteration and interoperability, as well as expansion to other trusts.


  • Responsive web application that provides a series of tools, resources and contacts to support self-management.
  • Flexible platform which can be further developed for other trusts, encouraging a collaborative approach to technology development where new features can benefit all organisations involved.
  • Easy to scale technology stack.
  • High level of data security.
  • Integration with ePJS (the Trust’s patient record system), allowing service users to access and interact with their care plan.
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