Mindwave have been developing PHRs with 5 NHS Trusts. PHRs allow users to access their health data, and manage their own health and wellbeing via an app.


Mindwave is the development and integration partner for the Cheshire & Merseyside team in developing a Citizen Portal - a one-stop-shop for all health and wellbeing needs. 

The portal will be available to all citizens within the region and will give them access to parts of their clinical record, e.g. appointments and clinical documents, as well as tools to support their mental and physical wellbeing and access to relevant and personalised information resources.


  • Digital ‘front door’ to access services and resources using NHS Login.
  • Citizen access to an open ecosystem of other healthcare related platforms, apps and services to give them choice in the platforms they choose to use.
  • An integration layer allowing data to flow between clinical systems and products within the ecosystem, using FHIR, OpenEHR, Open APIs and XDS..
  • A consent model where data flows are controlled/ initiated by the citizen.
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