Eligibility and participation

What is a Paid Digital Health Specialist?

Our digital health specialists are individuals who have more topical interests in particular healthcare disciplines and how digital opportunities may evolve in their area of expertise over time. These individuals are called upon on an ad hoc basis to provide information about their specific experiences and undertake user testing for our platforms.

Who is eligible to apply?

We are looking for people who have experience as either a patient/service user, a carer, a clinician or as support staff in the following specialist areas:

  • Users with digital accessibility needs
  • Adult & CYP mental health
  • Medical & surgical
  • Dementia and Alzheimers
  • Maternity
  • Sexual health
  • Community support or outpatients
  • Oncology
What will I be doing?
You’ll join our “bank” of specialist research partners. This means you’ll regularly get advanced notice of paid opportunities in discovery and/or user testing.

You may be involved in group conversations and/or one-to-one interviews. We may ask for your opinions about the successes and challenges you may encounter if you were to use one of our digital services in your area of expertise.

We’ll discuss feature ideas with you, show you designs, and give you prototypes or features to try using so that you can evaluate them.

Privacy and control

What do you do with my feedback?

Your feedback will mostly be used for research purposes and service development. It may also be used for product promotion. If we choose to do this, it will be anonymous. No identifying information will be used in materials presented to anyone outside of the product team.

When we’re sure the data is anonymous, we keep it for analysis. This means the information can’t be linked to you, but it may be used as the basis for “user testimonials” or “user stories” to explain our approaches to design decision making.

With your permission, you may also be video or audio recorded when providing feedback. This allows our designers and researchers to have transcripts to work from when analysing the outcomes and making design suggestions.

How do you deal with my personal data?

Your personal data will be stored securely. Access is restricted and password protected. Your data will only be used for user testing.

How often will you contact me and how?

We’ll send you an email when opportunities come up. Every so often, we may contact you to check if you’d still like to take part. We won’t contact you for any other purpose than user testing.

You can read our privacy policy for information on how to exercise your rights under GDPR.

For more information contact our data protection lead, Katy Edwards [email protected]

Reward and expectation

How often do Digital Health Specialists get work?

There’s no fixed pattern or guarantees as to when the work will be available in your specialist area. We may have none for a few months, then several arrive at once.

What is in it for me?

Digital Health Specialists can be paid in gift vouchers or by invoice. Each session is equivalent to £20 in monetary value. These sessions will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Becoming a Paid Digital Health Specialist for Mindwave carries some status in the digital healthcare community. It offers you networking opportunities with like-minded people and chances to meet important people in the industry.

You’ll be able to share your involvement in the development of the future of digital healthcare for the NHS and other clients. You’ll also be able to represent, and influence, areas you’re an expert in.

Sometimes, we may ask you to join us at industry events as a community co-designer to represent the brilliant ideas you’ve contributed.

What’s expected of me?

We ask that you make yourself available to participate as often and as fully as possible with bags of enthusiasm! There are no wrong answers – we’re not testing you at any point.

If you find something difficult to use, if you like or dislike something, the chances are that others will, too. Your feedback is very useful. No one will be offended or unhappy if you don’t like some or all of the designs/prototypes you see.

You can stop user testing at any time without notice and without giving a reason. You can also opt out of any audio/video recordings.