Good Thinking

A digital service for Londoners to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing

The London Digital Mental Wellbeing service provides resources and tools that enable people to better manage their mental wellbeing and that of others around them.


The London Digital Mental Wellbeing Project has been commissioned to support Londoners to improve and maintain their wellbeing through self-management and has long term goals to relieve pressure on NHS services and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

The Alpha phase of the project was aimed at men aged 18-45 who have experienced sleep issues, but moving through to 'Beta' and then 'live', this will create a full digital service helping Londoners with day-to-day experiences, such as loneliness, stress and anxiety. The service will find people where they are online and direct them to useful and relevant content - with an emphasis on self-management - such as apps, 'meetups' and tips, to help them live happier, healthier lives.


Mindwave are coordinating a multi-disciplinary team of designers and developers to implement the design and build of the service. We are following agile methodologies with 2 week sprints and sprint planning meetings which include the client so they can steer the prioritisation of development.

Throughout the process we have carried out continuous user testing and our fast moving agile environment means that we can easily integrate user feedback into the designs and make sure the product is constantly evolving to suit user needs.


A full end-to-end digital service, with a focus on supporting users into self-management.
A service which will target people at the right time, in the right way, and in the right place, and offer them the best resources and content specific to their particular situation to enable them to better manage their mental well-being and live happier lives

In partnership with:
  • NHS CCGs across London, Mayor’s office, Healthy London Partnership