Our user‐led design process keeps people at the heart of everything we do. First and foremost it starts with a clinician, academic or organisation identifying an opportunity to do things better. By engaging with users through discovery, design and development phases, ideas become fully formed digital products that work with with people’s current behaviours, processes and IT systems.


Projects often begin with strategy - working with organisations to define their purpose and goals. With a deep understanding of values, vision and the role of digital technology, we can ensure our work aligns with their organisational strategy.


During the discovery phase we embed ourselves within a team or organisation: spending time with people, understanding ways of working and mapping assumptions, challenges and opportunities. The discovery phase results in a synthesised set of insights, a deep understanding of key user needs and prioritised features for design and development.


In the design phase we start making: sketching, prototyping and testing ideas to learn from people early on. Our team of user experience and user interface designers produce intuitive, accessible and beautiful digital products that are constantly iterated from user feedback and usability testing.


In the development phase we bring these ideas to life. With our extensive experience working with in­‐house IT teams, we develop digital products that interface with existing systems and comply with information governance regulations.


We recognise that one of the biggest challenges in health and care sectors is the adoption of a digital product or service. During the rollout phase, we will work closely with teams and organisations to ensure there is sufficient resource, support and understanding to continue to grow ideas once we step away.