My Time With Mindwave

1 min read by Ruth Court, posted 12 months ago

As a design student in my penultimate year of high school in Edinburgh I wanted to explore and understand the different areas in the field of design that we are not taught about in school. From this, I thought Mindwave would be a great place to undertake my work experience.

When I went to Mindwave in early June I was excited and interested to learn about how they worked – how do they “enable impact at scale in healthcare through digital technology and data”?

What struck me was how Mindwave are really hands-on with service users and talk to them directly to gain a deep understanding of their needs. I learnt a lot about service design and experience design, which I had never heard of at school before; in particular, the attention to detail that is needed to make it suitable for the people that will be using the product. To address this, Mindwave use prototypes throughout the design process and focus a lot of time on this to make sure the team develop a product to service users’ exact needs.

Furthermore, being introduced to service design at Mindwave, showed me the importance of communication with “end users”. It was interesting to learn that there are many other people involved, not only service users, that need to be considered throughout the design process. By working with all other people involved – clinicians, staff and IT – you can design something that is truly sustainable.

I also had the opportunity to hear about new projects using virtual reality, and attended a breakfast conference about it. I even had the chance to try one of Mindwave’s projects that uses virtual reality to treat patients with OCD! It was really awesome to see and hear about what you can do with VR in healthcare.

Whilst I was there I also worked with the team on one of their new projects, making an inclusive animation about the early signs of eating disorders. I researched different animation styles and developed storyboards on my ideas for possible animations.

My work experience at Mindwave was not only fun and interesting but beneficial, as I feel I learnt so much about their user-focused design process as well as about different jobs in the design industry. It was inspiring to hear how you could better people’s lives through design and I really enjoyed getting to know the way they work.